IMG 3817The manor and park in Warka-Winiary is a place which welcomes people of all ages. We would like to especially welcome senior citizens. We are looking to start a partnership with all senior citizens institutions, including senior citizens clubs, golden age senior clubs, and world universities of the Third Age. Such partnership would give the worldwide community of senior citizens the opportunity to participate in talks on prominent Poles with ties to the United States of America, the history, culture and art of the 18th century, and the history, legends, and old customs connected with the town of Warka.

Feel free to contact us and ask about opportunities to participate in meetings featuring our exhibits from the permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as the nature associated with our historic park. We organize meets in the café on site, discussion evenings, and meetings with people involved in art and history.

Contact us at +48 48 667 20 20 or

Special offers for adults and senior citizens 

Regular 15 zł
Reduced   8 PLN
Family 2+1 30 PLN
Family 2+2 40 PLN
Family 2+3 50 PLN

Family on weekend (6 people)

60 PLN

cyfrowa biblioteka muzeumThe library of the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka consists of several thousand items. It includes rare Polish-American publications released in the U.S., books and journals on the subject, old prints, relevant newspapers and magazines, and interesting postcards. The collection also contains unique publications about the Hero of Two Nations.

The Museum has entered into an agreement with the Municipal Public Library in Radom, thanks to which a part of the Museum collection is going to be available via the Radom Digital Library online platform completely free of charge. The digital collection of the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka is due to be complemented on a regular basis, so do not forget to follow us to be notified of the new arrivals!





panel biblioteka cyfrowa




IMG 4678We invite elementary, middle, and high school groups to utilize the Museum for student learning through museum sessions and participate in meetings. A visit to the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka will give you the opportunity to go sightseeing, improve your skills during a series of workshops, and take a guided tour through the park. Most sessions are held at the modern Museum and Education Centre. We highly recommend you book one or more of our customizable educational programs, which usually combine museum sessions with workshops. Feel free to choose themed classes focusing on Casimir Pulaski, Tadeusz Kościuszko, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, the history and culture of the 18th century, the history of the town of Warka, and other milestone events and prominent figures connected with our region. Finally, take a breath of fresh air during a guided walk through the park, during which you can learn local stories and legends.


Important information. How to book?

  • All our sessions are bookable by calling or e-mailing the ticket desk at +48486672020,
  • Museum sessions shall be booked with a two-week notice or earlier.
  • A museum session takes anything from 40 to 60 minutes.
  • We offer shorter meetings for preschoolers and young students from grades 1–3.
  • The museum session fee shall be paid in Polish zloty and amounts to PLN 60 per group.
  • The fee covers guide rates and auxiliary materials (e.g. crosswords, coloring pages, riddles, props.).
  • If the museum session requires the group to tour the entire collection, you will be asked to also pay the entrance fee (applicable i.a. to Discover the Museum tour.)
  • Most sessions are held at the Museum and Education Centre.

wystawy czasoweThe Casimir Pulaski Museum consistently fulfills its mission and performs its statutory duties through temporary exhibitions. We have been organizing exhibitions on history and emigration with special emphasis on Poles living in the USA. Since its early beginnings, the Museum has featured the history of the town of Warka and its environs, organized craft exhibitions in cooperation with local artists, and promoted contemporary art.




to commemorate 50 years of work
of the Polish-American sculptor
Andrzej Pitynski
and the 50th anniversary
of the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka

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Witamy w sklepiku Muzeum im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego. W ofercie znajdą Państwo publikacje naukowe i popularnonaukowe tematycznie związane z działalnością Muzeum. W naszym sklepiku znajdą Państwo również przewodniki po ekspozycji, katalogi wystaw, informatory, komiksy poświęcone bohaterom historycznym Warki, plakaty, karty pocztowe, medale, a także pamiątki muzealne.  

Z całą ofertą sklepiku zapoznają się Państwo klikając tu: Link

Zamówienia można składać na adres: lub telefonicznie 48/667 22 67. Wysyłki realizowane są w czasie godzin pracy administracji Muzeum, tj.
od poniedziałku – do piątku w godz. 8.00 -16.00.

najmłodsi w muzeumThe Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka is child-friendly and welcomes preschool groups to utilize the Museum for student learning through museum sessions and meetings held at the Manor. Your visit to the Museum can include sightseeing, workshops, and walks in the picturesque park. Our mission is to give children the opportunity to discover the Museum, historic manor, and park. We strive to familiarize young students with such key concepts as the museum, history, monuments, and the passage of time. We encourage kindergarten staff to take advantage of our program and offer their students the possibility to enjoy museum sessions combined with workshops, participate in guided outdoor activities in the park, and hear legends connected with the town of Warka and Casimir Pulaski.

Onsite sessions take place at the historic manor and park as well as the modern Museum and Education Center. Feel free to schedule a visit to the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka and tailor it to your needs.

Selected facilitated preschool sessions:

Discover the Museum

During your visit to the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka, we will show you around the historic manor, looking to answer the question: What constitutes a museum? And do not worry, we guarantee that we are going to find the answer together! Along the way, we learn words typically used by museum staff and see a selection of the most fascinating exhibits on display. The lesson is also a fun way for the little ones to set foot in a museum for the first time in their lives.

Kazimierz or Casimir?

We come together to meet Casimir Pulaski, born Kazimierz Pułaski, by listening to a legend shrouding the brave soldier. Was he a cavalryman or a cavalier? Or maybe both? What is more, we strive to respond to the most important question: Why do we continue to look back on the life of an individual who passed away such a long time ago?

What was life in the olden days like?

Is there something like a 700-year-old tracksuit? It is safe to presume that people in the olden days wore different attire, isn’t it? During this guided tour to the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka, young students learn about the ways in which people used to live, what they had to eat, what they wore, what they did for a living, what they considered normal, what kind of music they listened to, and how they traveled. These are merely some of the themes that our educators help you explore. We will even see objects which people made a long, long time ago... and possibly confirm that the young visitors are able to correctly identify them.

Warka legends

At the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka, we acknowledge the importance of outdoor education. During the guided tour of the park, young students learn the mesmerizing and mysterious legends shrouding the site, which have been passed down from generation to generation by Warka residents. And we are sure that this enticing lesson will suit even the fussiest visitors! Would you like to see where the entrance to the secret tunnels under the park is hidden? Do you fancy knowing what secrets the brick chapel near the Museum hides? Are you interested to discover if the spirits of Swedish soldiers killed in the vicinity of Warka wander around the park at night? If so, you simply must visit our Museum, meet with our guide and buckle up for a wonderful adventure!

  • Museum Sessions for the Little Ones are approx. 45 minutes long and the maximum group size is 25.

nocmuzeow 2021warka

The Long Night of Museums returns to Warka on May 15, 2021, though slightly more modest than normally due to the pandemic.

The Museum will be open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. – with full respect of health and safety measures. Last admission at 8 p.m.



You can also visit us online. To virtually tour the Manor and historic park go to: link

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Watch "Urge for freedom" here: link

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Video on Warka-Winiary (Kuba Szydło): link

Winiary film

We have partnered up with TV Zebra Radom acting on behalf of the the Marshal's Office of the Mazovian Province to make your visit to the Museum more pleasurable.

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“Warka–Pulaski’s Town“, link (PDF)


wystawa warka miasto Pulaskiego



“Polish-American Stories” exhibition: link  (PDF)

pol amer hist




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 spp 01 8





noc 2021 baner 585x100cm 

wystawa warkaUpstairs in the Pulaski’s Palace, in two halls of the western part, from 6 November 2015, a modern, multimedia exhibition devoted to the history of Warka will be held.

The exhibition “Warka – the town touched with history” will present the rich history of Warka, one of the oldest towns of Mazovia. Conceptual design of the exhibition was created in 2012, based on perennial queries and work of substantive team of the museum. In 2013, the executive design of the exhibition was created. The author of the project is ARWENA – Ewa Swider-Grobelna and Adam Grobelny. Both the conceptual and executive design were funded by the commune of Warka.

The exhibition is realized in 2015 thanks to a grant of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Cultural Heritage Program, the task: support of museum activities, as well as the specific subsidy of the commune of Warka and Grojec Disctrict. The sponsor of the exhibition is Grupa Zywiec – Warka Brewery.

The concept of the exhibition assumes the presentation of the history of Mazovian town, from the beginning to the present day. In the first hall, there are items related to the town in times of peace and social life concentrated. In the second hall, battle and war topic affecting the town (war times) is presented. Topics and main threads will be presented based on time axis shaped in the space. They will be identified at the same time by the references existing in Warka today the names of streets corresponding to historical characters and events. The narration of the exhibition has been conducted in an interesting and multi-layered manner, taking into account the innovative trends in museology and authorial scenographic installations. An additional exposition layer was transferred to multimedia solutions, which will enrich, make more attractive and broaden the exposition.

The exhibition will be available in two languages (Polish and English). It is intended for a wide audience. A significant part of the exhibition, in educational form, will be addressed to children and school students. We invite you from 6 November 2015.


The exhibition was financed by:

Minister of Culture and National Heritage

Citi and Community of WARKA

County of Grójecki

Museum of Casimir Pulaski in Warka



Żywiec SA Group – WARKA Brewery

Prima Sp. z o.o.

Warwin SA


The creators of the exhibition "Warka – the town touched with history"

Curator / Iwona Stefaniak

The scenario of the exhibition, the development of substantive / Iwona Stefaniak, Karol Kucharski

Cooperation / Ewa Bajoryńska, Janusz Kreczmański, Bartłomiej Kuna

Care substantive, consultations, proofreading / dr Remigiusz Matyjas

Translation / Joanna Łukasiak Hołych, Jacek Hołysz

Correction of English texts / Peter Obst


The exhibition project / ARWENA – Ewa Świder-Grobelna, Nela Mikołajewicz, Anna Pałgan

Supervision / Ewa Świder-Grobelna


GLIP Sp. z o.o. – Multimedia Presentation Production

PROMEDIO Michal Bednarski – Multimedia Equipment Supply, Installation, and Configuration

Extend Vision Sp. z o.o. – Decorations and Structural Elements


At the exhibition was used artifacts and materials from the collections of:

Museum of Casimir Pulaski in Warka

National Museum in Kraków

National Museum in Wrocław

National Museum in Warsaw

National Library in Warsaw

National Film Archive in Warsaw

Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw

National Library in Berlin

Mazovian Museum in Plock

Municipal and Communal Public Library in Warka

The Municipal Institution of Culture "Dworek na Długiej" in Warka

Parish. St. Nicholas Bishop in Warka

Parish. Our Lady of the Scapular in Warka

WARKA Brewery

PTTK branch of them. W. Krawczyk in Warka

Schools from the community Warka


Mirosława Bieniasa, Katarzyny Cieplak, Jana Dygi, Piotra Gawrońskiego, Elżbiety Grzelewskiej, Władysława Gwardysa, Andrzeja Guta, Antoniego Konowrockiego, Hanny Kowalskiej, Wiesława Knyzia, Edwarda Kozłowskiego, Władysława Kozłowskiego, Tadeusza Kulawika, Doroty Lenarczyk, Barbary Luks, Jadwigi Martyniak, Ewy Pawelczyk, Matyldy Regulskiej, Aldony Rzeźnik, Bożeny i Tadeusz Rosłoniów, Daniela Sukniewicza, Konrada Tokarzewskiego, Karola Tudreja, Piotra Wojsy, Wiesławy Zielonki.


Waldemar Tereszkiewicz,

Janusz Kreczmański, Igor Dziedzicki, Witold Batte,

Waldemar Dąbrówka, Bartłomiej Kuna, Konrad Sękowski, Andrzej Zaręba


Krzesimir Dębski - Polonez husarii, Atak Kozaków

Witold Grzelewski – Tango Warka

Kuba Szydło - the sounds of war


They gave interviews to the movies

Wiesław Buczkowski

Marta Celary

Antoni Grzelewski

Edward Kozłowski

Władysław Kozłowski

Władysław Gwardys


Consultations substantive regarding  medieval swords

dr Jarosław Ościłowski

Roman Postek - Armory Museum in Liw


Sincere thanks go to the creators of the concert "My city":


Moderato Municipal Orchestra under the direction of tamburmajorki Anny Kacprzyk

Bogdan Sabała, Kuba Szydło, Wojciech Koc, Maciej Zapart, Marek Wawro, Sławomir Klimczuk, Martyna, Sylwia i Damian Sabałowie, Stefan Posoch, Irena i Jacek Domańscy, Aldona Rzeźnik, Beata Ragan, Monika Wojciechowska, Zosia Wojciechowska, Kuba Domański, Michał Rzeźnik, Dariusz Rączka, chór dziecięcy ze Szkoły Podstawowej Nr 2 pod dyrekcją Marka Borowskiego, dźwiękiem opiekował się Artur Drabik.

For the presentation uses photographs from the collections of Jacka Matlakowskiego i Waldemara Tereszkiewicza

Written and directed concert

Anna i Leszek Owczarczykowie, Bogdan Sabała


Leszek Owczarczyk







IMG 2289We encourage visitors to take advantage of touring the Museum and park with our expert guides.

Individuals are free to discover the Museum on their own (a member of our staff will silently accompany you on your tour) or use one of our qualified guides for a more comprehensive experience. A guide must accompany groups touring the Museum. The tour takes approximately 1 hour.

Hiring a guide costs PLN 80 per group for touring the Museum, and PLN 80 per group for touring the park. Hiring a guide by individuals costs PLN 50.