The Museum's temporary exhibitions remain true to our mission and statute. We have worked on exhibitions on history and emigration and concentrated on Polish expatriates in the United States and Polish-American relations.
Many artists with similar goals have shown in our Museum: Tadeusz Lapinski, Rafal Olbinski, Andrzej Czeczot, Wojciech Fangor, Jan Kuracinski, and Polish illustrators based in New York City.
In addition, we have invited visitors to participate in exhibitions on the history of the town of Warka and its environs, contemporary art showings, and various art events.

Pulaski manor walls have always reverberated with music. The Museum hosts piano and violin concerts by solo artists and chamber ensembles. Closest to our hearts is chamber music from the Baroque era, which is closest to the times of Casimir Pulaski. We also organize educational concerts and music history lectures for school children and the youth. For many years, we have been hosting recurrent concerts, such as: "Muzzeum Jazz," "Music has a soul" („Wieczory piosenki z dusza”), and "Evening with Culture" („Wieczor z Kultura”). The latter offers the opportunity to get to know new artists, musicians, composers, actors, and other prominent people from the world of culture. In the summer, we invite our guests to listen to open air concerts in the park and on the terrace.

We would like to invite you to participate in meetings with prominent individuals from the world of culture, social life, literature, and politics, organized by The Casimir Pulaski Museum and hosted in the Museum and Education Center. Such meets have a long-standing tradition in our Museum and remain very popular. Once hosted in the library on the first floor of the Pulaski manor, the meetings have not lost their intimate character and offer interesting and engaging entertainment with a drop of tea and coffee.

Since its early beginnings, The Casimir Pulaski Museum has been a proud sole and co-organizer of various conferences, lectures, and seminars. We have successfully hosted several dozen events on Casimir Pulaski, the history of the region, the town of Warka, and emigration. Our staff take active part in conferences and seminars, and design lectures and talks. Each important event is accompanied by meetings with historians, designed to get the youth involved and lectures aimed at the general public.

The historic park in Warka-Winiary is a perfect location for open-air events and outdoor activities. It is here, at the foot of the Casimir Pulaski Monument, that we celebrate the anniversary of Casimir Pulaski's birthday in early March and his death in October (Polish Casimir Pulaski Day). It is also a place where we hold the Vivat Pulaski historical and cultural picnic, which we organize in cooperation with the W.A.R.K.A. Association (Stowarzyszenie W.A.R.K.A.) on the first Sunday of July. When summer ends, we invite visitors to participate in Casimir's Fair (Kazikowy Jarmark), which celebrates the rich local folk culture. The scenic park features open-air exhibitions, historical reenactments, and projects aimed at educating the public.

During one magical night in mid-May, when museum in the world open their doors to night owls, The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka takes their visitors to the times of Casimir Pulaski. Baroque gowns, elaborate sashes, richly decorated fans, ornamented umbrellas, and skin white with face powder... the Museum staff will go out of their way to please its nocturnal guests! Garments worn by our staff are history-inspired, and the manor reverberates with chamber music composed by old maestros. Unique atmosphere accompanies special activities, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and the night tour of the park, during which visitors are led by ladies in waiting. Be sure to drink some extra coffee and enjoy!
Interestingly, unforgettable memories involving our Museum can be created every day. The Museum makes for a wonderful movie set and unforgettable photo shoots.
We participate in many local initiatives, one of which is the Pulaski Run (Bieg Pulaskiego) in the fall.