With us you will discover the beauty and magic of Winiary, the Pulaski’s Palace, its interiors and collections. Here you will learn about an extraordinary man, Polish and American hero – Kazimierz Pulaski, as well as other distinguished Poles, who had to emigrate from Poland to USA.

With us you will explore the history of Warka – one of the oldest towns in Mazovia. You will discover monuments of Warka and the region, learn about the legends and historical heroes.

In the old park you will encounter many species of birds, you will learn what characterizes the flora and fauna of the Pilica Valley and what an oxbow is.

Educational and natural path will lead you from the upper park just to river Pilica.
Our educational meetings are not just walking through the Palace exhibition and the park. There are also workshop, animation and art activities that engage participants.

We invite preschool and school groups of all ages to participate in museum classes. We encourage you to combine lessons with workshops and to take advantage of our educational packages.

We also organize educational meetings for organized groups, seniors and participants of the Universities of the Third Age. You are cordially invited.