nocmuzeow 2021warkaThe Long Night of Museums returns to Warka on May 15, 2021, though slightly more modest than normally due to the pandemic.

noc muzeów2017 006This year’s edition of Museums at Night was truly exceptional. Like every year, we opened the door wide for our nocturnal guests, and the beautiful weather combined with the picturesque scenery of our Museum and park attracted legions.

noc w muzeum 2016 0Despite the cloudy and rainy weather on the night of May 14, crowds flocked to the Casimir Pulaski Museum to celebrate the Long Night of Museums. The Museum was open to visitors from 4pm to 3am and attracted 1148 people who toured the Pulaski Manor. The Museum and Education Center hosted 702 visitors. Especially popular were, as always, the gowns and attire of the Museum's employees, which reminded guests of the times of Casimir Pulaski.


W tę jedną, wyjątkową z majowych nocy zapraszamy do Muzeum 
im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego na wareckich Winiarach.
Otwieramy swoje podwoje dla nocnych Gości
i przygotowujemy specjalne atrakcje.
Tylko tej nocy przywdziewamy stroje z epoki Pułaskiego!