Since its early days, The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka has gratefully received donations from individuals, businesses, and institutions in Poland and abroad. Thanks to these generous gestures, we have been able to open temporary exhibitions, publish books, renovate our collection, and much more. Our many sponsor facilitated the acquisition of exhibits needed after the Pulaski manor's renovation in 2015.

Currently, we are accepting donations to furbish and equip the Museum and Education Center, built in the years 2012-2015, and restore other Museum collections. We are also looking to invest in education and new exhibitions.

You can play a part in supporting The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka in many ways.


Donations made to The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka resulting in receiving the title of Donator are based on a donation agreement drafted in accordance with provisions of the Polish Civil Code. The parties to the agreement are: the individual or business willing to make a donation and the Museum. Such donations go to Museum's current activities in accordance with its statute. If the Donator chooses to support a specific target, their donation may and will be used only to serve this purpose. We accept following donations:

  • monetary, including long-term financial instruments,
  • real estate properties,
  • securities,
  • inheritance,
  • other property.

Targeted donations

In case of substantial donations (e.g. exceeding PLN 20,000), Donator may choose to make a targeted donation, which shall be detailed in the donation agreement. In particular, such donation may be used toward:

  • artwork acquisition
  • temporary exhibitions
  • education
  • public activities (open-air and travelling exhibitions, cultural and art events, and similar activities)
  • research and conferences
  • other projects implemented by the Museum.


Whenever the Museum holds cultural and educational events, it is possible to enter into a sponsorship deal in accordance with Polish law. Such deal facilitates a mutual exchange of goods and services, e.g. promotion and marketing in exchange for monetary contribution.

All individuals, businesses, and institutions in Poland and abroad interested in supporting The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka are asked to contact us at wesprzyjmuzeum@muzeumpulaski.pl or +48 48 667 22 67.

Wire transfers shold be made to this account:

73 9154 0005 2001 0003 8654 0001