IMG 20210504 164025Our recurring series entitled "Our Stories" this time features a new exhibition on issues close to the town’s heart. Wishing to celebrate the town’s 700th anniversary, we are unveiling "Warka–Pulaski Town."

The exhibition shall be displayed both in the park and in the hall of the Museum and Education Center and focuses on a central issue–Warka residents cultivating the memory of Casimir Pulaski for the past 100 years. The story starts just after World War II, when Pulaski's biography became the best promotion tool for the small, war-ravaged town and the plot unfolds as a Museum to commemorate the Polish-American hero is established in Warka, visited by diplomats and Polish-Americans. Finally, local brands commenced to use Casimir Pulaski’s image on their labels and during events, such as the Vivat Pulaski Picnic.

The historical tables will be on display all summer and premiere as early as May 8-9, 2021, in the park. Authentic exhibits and relevant memorabilia will be ready for the public in the temporary exhibition room starting from the Long Night of Museums on May 15 through June 6, 2021.

Especially noteworthy are the 1960 promotional booklet entitled "Warka–Pulaski Town," posters, including a Rafał Olbiński’s poster from the early 1970s entitled "Warka-Pulaski Town," postcards, press clippings, old photographs, and other memorabilia, which employ the image of the Hero of Two Nations.

The Museum will also make available the blueprints of the so-called "Pulasky Village"–a tourist destination on the Pilica River, which was to be built in the 1960s to honor Casimir Pulaski.

Take a walk in the park and tour the new exhibition as early as this weekend!